Saturday, May 22, 2010

This and that.....

I haven't posted in awhile...not much has been going on. We have both been busy at work, Dave getting ready for the deployment and me preparing to start working with a new orthodontist who just bought our practice. I'm very anxious to meet him and hope he's nicer than my current boss.
The deployment date keeps changing. Its gone from July 20th, to mid-August, to August 3rd and now its July 30/31. The Army likes to keep you guessing I guess. The unit they're replacing is in charge of the flights and their guys must be in theater for 365 days, not one day more or one day less. When a flight of our guys gets there they'll fill the plane up with soldiers coming home. The whole process of trading out battalions will take atleast a month.

It looks like spring has finally sprung here in the Rockies. My white lilac bush is in full bloom and the backyard smells amazing. If we leave the family room window open the lilac smell fills the whole room. Natures own air freshner!!!

Our cat Orlando has been fighting mats for the past few months and we've been losing the battle so we decided it was time for a lion cut to get ahead of the problem. I thought we'd bring home a very upset and embarrassed kitty but much to our surprise he seems much happier now! He's been VERY lovey and social....he must feel better having gotten rid of all that long, hot and matted hair!!!
A few before/after pics....


Apparently nakedness agrees with him.....

Saturday, May 15, 2010


Dave had a bunch of vaccines the past two days. The two I can remember are Anthrax and Small Pox. Man, that Small Pox one is not one to mess with. He'll be dealing with the injection site for weeks. He has to keep in totally dry at all times which he plans to do using duct tape. Thats a tough Army Ranger for ya!!
The injection site will first swell then the next 4 weeks it'll blister, pus, itch and finally heal.
Soldiers with pregnant wives or small children can't get their vaccines until they reach Afghanistan. Kinda makes me nervous wondering what the heck could happen if I was exposed to it. Scary.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Life back to normal....

Well, my soldier finally got home on Sunday and after 3 days off for both of us its back to work today.
It sure is great to have him home.
The weather is getting really nice so we've spent alot of time just sitting outside on the patio and talking...while watching the Frenchie play in the yard.
Its the little things.....

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Camera Critter Saturday

This is our Boxer/Plott Hound Ranger. Sadly he passed away this past November.
Ranger was the sweetest boy and without doubt the smartest dog I've ever known.

We miss him everyday....he was a BIG presence in
our home and hearts.