Saturday, July 31, 2010

At the Cubs/Rockies game

Although the outcome was not what we had hoped, we still had a great night at the ball park.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick update

Got news this week that the deployment was delayed by a day so we have a Sunday D-day now. That delay enabled us time to get to the Cubs/Rockies game tonight. Yay! We spurged and got great seats so......Lets Go Cubbies!!!

Also found out that the base the company is going to in Afghanistan is one of the nicer ones and they should have showers and internet access. Both things--- great news. I had Dave ask his executive officer (who is already over there) if he felt safe and he said "Yes" and that they got lucky with the location they're going to. That makes me feel ALITTLE better.

We also got a mailing address and I've already began planning the first care package which I'll probably mail out next week and he'll get it toward the end of the month. He's gonna love it. (I better not share cuz he might read the blog and I want it to be a surprise.)

Oh....and they will be 10.5 hrs ahead of our mountain time zone.

The report time Sunday is 2:30pm and the families will be able to stay with them until 8:30pm and they fly out at 2am. Its going to be a LONG day.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

One more week...

Well, we've only got 9 more days until deployment day. I can't believe its that close already...the time is really flying by. I've got tons of things flying through my brain...mostly hoping we've gotten everything in order as far as Powers of Attorney, money issues and house/car issues go. We had a meeting last week given by the battalion commander briefing us on the deployment and answering questions by the audience. One little girl in the back of the auditorium asked..."Is my Daddy going to come home?" It was heartwrenching....BC answered as best he could without promising her anything. Needless to say, the Q&A session ended right there. I learned alot of good info but more importantly it made me realize that I am not alone....there are hundreds of Army spouses in my exact situation and I'll be okay. Atleast I know this is Dave's only deployment and we have that retirement at the end to look forward to.

Dave came home last week with new patches on his uniform.
The flag used to be red/white/blue...I like that one much better than the new one!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Happy Birthday!

Wow, I can't believe its been a month since I last posted. We've been pretty busy getting ready for the deployment, getting ready for block leave and we just got home from leave in Iowa last Friday. It was great seeing everyone but also bittersweet knowing that Dave wouldn't be seeing anyone for a year. While we were home Dave's grandpa passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. I was so happy we made it there in time for Dave to see grandpa while he could still know we were there and recognize us.
While we were driving home to Colorado I couldn't help but think about how close the deployment is. Less than 3 weeks now.

This week there is an important meeting on post regarding the deployment. The battalion commander will be providing families with info about what to expect while our guys are gone. Hopefully he'll have some information about how and how often we'll be able to communicate. We'll also find out exactly where the guys will be and info about the area. I'm anxious to hear the details.

Today is Dave's 41st birthday.... HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETIE!!!