Thursday, July 22, 2010

One more week...

Well, we've only got 9 more days until deployment day. I can't believe its that close already...the time is really flying by. I've got tons of things flying through my brain...mostly hoping we've gotten everything in order as far as Powers of Attorney, money issues and house/car issues go. We had a meeting last week given by the battalion commander briefing us on the deployment and answering questions by the audience. One little girl in the back of the auditorium asked..."Is my Daddy going to come home?" It was heartwrenching....BC answered as best he could without promising her anything. Needless to say, the Q&A session ended right there. I learned alot of good info but more importantly it made me realize that I am not alone....there are hundreds of Army spouses in my exact situation and I'll be okay. Atleast I know this is Dave's only deployment and we have that retirement at the end to look forward to.

Dave came home last week with new patches on his uniform.
The flag used to be red/white/blue...I like that one much better than the new one!


  1. Wow cool patches Mr. Dave. Be safe.
    Benny & Lily
    Pee S. Lady don't forget to hide Mr. Dave's boots so he can't go

  2. Be safe and know we will have you in our thoughts and prayers.