Friday, July 30, 2010

Quick update

Got news this week that the deployment was delayed by a day so we have a Sunday D-day now. That delay enabled us time to get to the Cubs/Rockies game tonight. Yay! We spurged and got great seats so......Lets Go Cubbies!!!

Also found out that the base the company is going to in Afghanistan is one of the nicer ones and they should have showers and internet access. Both things--- great news. I had Dave ask his executive officer (who is already over there) if he felt safe and he said "Yes" and that they got lucky with the location they're going to. That makes me feel ALITTLE better.

We also got a mailing address and I've already began planning the first care package which I'll probably mail out next week and he'll get it toward the end of the month. He's gonna love it. (I better not share cuz he might read the blog and I want it to be a surprise.)

Oh....and they will be 10.5 hrs ahead of our mountain time zone.

The report time Sunday is 2:30pm and the families will be able to stay with them until 8:30pm and they fly out at 2am. Its going to be a LONG day.

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