Friday, August 20, 2010

Week 2

Well, sorry I haven't updated in awhile but the past couple weeks have been very busy. First off the emotional good-bye took a toll but then I only had a week to prepare for my besty friend and her daughter's visit. They arrived last Thursday night and we had a wonderful 4 days.

There was my friend Kim, her 10 yr old daughter Emily, her 15 yr old daughter, Kaitie (my god daughter) and Kaitie's best friend Jenna.

Last Friday I made my first drive up Pike's Peak. I must admit the anticipation of the drive was more nerve-racking than the drive itself. The girls loved the mountain! Friday also happened to be Jenna's 15th birthday so after the mountain adventure we went out to dinner at Carinos and came home to a mini birthday party for Jenna, cake included.

Saturday we hit the Colorado Springs Flea Market with my neighbor and her daughter and spent Saturday evening sitting around with my neighbors and partaking in a few drinks.

Sunday I took my guests to Manitou Springs, CO for more shopping and to visit the Indian Cliff Dwellings. The girls loved the cliff dwellings...however I was less than impressed, enjoyed the shopping much more.

Monday was another day of shopping and then Monday night they had to prepare to leave on Tuesday morning.

We had a wonderful girl's weekend...the only downside is that my friend brought a cold with her and decided to leave it with me. So Tuesday when they left my cold kicked in bigtime and I've been suffering with it the entire week. Today seems to be better.

While I was busy with the girls Dave was busy getting things in order at his new base. They got internet hooked up yesterday so we were able to chat on Facebook this morning. There is no wifi so I doubt we'll be able to Skype which is very disappointing. It was good to be able to chat with him in real time though.

He says the people in Afghanistan are dirt poor and is looking forward to doing things to help them. He also said some of the Afghani kids see them as good guys and some do not and throw rocks at their convoys. He seems more committed to the mission than ever and is excited to make positive changes for the people of Kandahar.

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  1. So glad you had fun visiting and shopping with your friend and her kids. It helps to be able to talk your hubby, eases your tension. Take care of yourself and the cold.