Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Family Care Teams

I've been doing alot of thinking the past few days, about alot of things, but also about joining our Battalion's Family Care Team. What is a Family Care Team? Well, they are members of the company (spouses) who, after some training, are the ones who help out families in need during the deployment. It may just involve cooking a meal or offering babysitting services but after last night's Battalion Steering Meeting I found out it could be so much more. In the event of an injured or, God forbid, lost soldier....the Care Team is called and meets up and goes in for the family after the official Army notification as taken place. The job of the Care Team is then to stay with the family until their extended family can arrive.
Personally I don't know if I have it in me to do that. I want to have it but I don't think its there. I had to fight back the tears during the meeting when it was just being talked about. Then I started thinking about gravity of the situation we're all about to enter into.
This is scary.

We also found last night that one of the wives lost her life this week. She wasn't in our battalion but her husband is away with the brigade in Louisiana training to deploy this summer. They had just arrived here at Carson from their last duty station and he was sent immediately off to train. They knew nobody here and instead of being alone she went home to her family. She was only there a short time and was found by her family. Her death is under investigation. Its an example of how important all this FRG stuff is, as much as I hate to participate. They were so new here and he was sent off so quickly her FRG didn't even know about her and couldn't reach out to her. I wonder if it would have made a difference?

I can't wait for my soldier to get home next week. We still don't know what day, I guess we'll get one day's notice. Nice.
I'll just be glad to get him home. :)

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