Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Morning

I was so looking forward to sleeping in today but was woken up by Chopper's restlessness. I laid still hoping he'd go back to sleep and I could hear the windchimes in our backyard. Then I started thinking about how I usually have to strain to hear them over Dave's snoring. Then I started thinking about Dave, then I was wide awake and Chopper made it clear he was ready to go outside.
So here I am, 5:30am on the computer and of course Chopper has fallen back to sleep. And he is now snoring. I usually treasure this early morning "me" time but now that I have an abundance of "me" time --its not so great.
I got 2 calls yesterday from my soldier. I think 3rd world countries have better cell phone reception than Louisiana. Since cellphone coverage is spotty at best, I got a call while Dave was away from where they are staying and stopped on a bus. The first call from the moving bus was unsuccessful. They're in classes this week, thats all I could get through the fuzzy connection. He called a couple hours later while I was in the pedicure chair and I could hear lots of other talking soldiers in the background. Apparently they were in a good cellphone reception area and everyone was calling their loved ones too.
Both calls were short but it was good to hear from him and be able to give him some updates from home.

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  1. Did you tell him about your new blogging project?

    Iowa is cold and rainy today, hope it is warmer in CO and in LA.