Wednesday, April 7, 2010


It was suggested to me to create a blog to chronicle my life as my husband's upcoming deployment draws near and to share my feelings while he's gone for a year to Afghanistan.
Perhaps he'll even get a chance to post on here too.
Being a military spouse is not an easy job. There are so many long hours, mandatory meetings/parties/fundraisers, etc....all of which I hate. But I am very proud of Dave and would do anything I could to make his job easier for him... supporting him 100% in his job and duty to our country... by putting up with the unpleasant part of military spousehood and holding the fort down at home while he's away. (oh and signing up to be the FRG times...)

The rainbow at the end of this is he'll be retiring once he gets home and we are both SO looking forward to that.

That being said Dave just left April 5th for a month of training in Louisiana. Gone 2 days and the silence in the house is horrible. Our little French Bulldog, Chopper, keeps looking at the door waiting for his "dad" to walk in at any minute. I got a phone call from him yesterday saying he made it to his destination but haven't heard from him since-- which is fine. Fine until I absolutely HAVE to talk to him about something. But thats something you learn as a military spouse. It can will wait. Waiting is the name of the game. Waiting for them to return home, to call, to deploy, etc. I have become a very patient person in the past 12 yrs.
You also have to have a "go with the flow" attitude. You can't count on anything...from them being home in time for dinner, to getting a full night's sleep without the phone ringing, to being around for birthdays and holidays. My attitude is mostly..."whatever....just keep me posted" :)

This was taken last summer here in Colorado Springs. It was awesome for them to have been shown the love and support all our military deserve.


  1. What a great idea! What smart person suggested this :)?

  2. This will be fun for you! You did a great job with it!